Forensic Psychology covers a number of Forensic Science disciplines that are concerned with the Science of the Criminal Mind and Human Behaviour.

This Conference offers a combination of professionals working within the fields of human behaviour, who have studied and applied their skills and knowledge to the areas of Forensic Psychology.

Subject Headings:

Without Conscience:   

Nature or Nurture

Risk Assessment Tools:

Assessing Criminals (Psychopaths, Sex offender, Murderers)

Criminal Thinking Patterns


Offender Profiling

Eye Witness Testimony

Female Violence

  1. *Offender Treatment Programmes:  

** My Life: Released Life Sentenced Prisoner

* The Criminal Thinking Pattern will be discussed by a recidivist who see’s nothing wrong in his actions.  Is there treatment for this behaviour?  Can he be encouraged to change?

** My Life will look at how a persons behaviour can lead them to prison after being convicted for murder. 

This conference will be informative and motivational Bringing The Real World of Forensics and Psychology into the field of Academia.

Forensic Psychology & The Criminals